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We are dedicated to the exploration and sustainable production of natural gas and other hydrocarbons, contributing to Colombia's economic and social development.

About us

The energy that powers Colombia

Drummond Energy Inc. emerged with the commitment to contribute to the country’s energy challenge to produce natural gas for Colombian consumption safely and sustainably. We work under high-quality standards, generating new development opportunities for the communities in our area of influence.

human talent management

We generate job opportunities

At Drummond Energy, Inc. each employee is part of our family. We are committed to our talented team and are constantly looking for the best professionals to share their talents in our operations.

We are committed to sustainable development

We recognize the joint responsibility we have to achieve the goals of the UN sustainable development agenda: that is why we have incorporated the SDGs into our Sustainability Strategy, built on three pillars: Economic Growth, Social Responsibility, and Environmental Management.

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Our environmental commitment

Our environmental commitment

We develop hydrocarbon exploration and production projects with the best practices and industry standards, minimizing the use and abuse of natural resources in harmony with the communities in our area of ​​influence. That is how we guarantee the development of sustainable projects with world-class environmental performance.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Our objective is to improve the quality of life of the communities that are part of the areas of influence of our operations, strengthening their economic capacities, food security, and local and regional institutions.

Health and security

Health and security

We promote a culture of safety and health that guarantees the development of operations that protect our employees and the environment.

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Standards that certify our operation