Photovoltaic solar generation that contribute to regional development

At Drummond Energy, we are committed to the country’s energy transition, investing in the development of photovoltaic solar generation projects that contribute to regional development and align with the reduction of CO2 emissions in our country. Cañahuate I is the first project of this initiative.


Location of the project and its areas of influence

The Cañahuate I photovoltaic solar park is located in the southern part of the Cesar department, in the municipality of Chiriguaná.

About the Cañahuate I photovoltaic solar park

The project will be carried out in collaboration with Ventus, an EPC contractor with extensive experience in renewable energy projects:

The Cañahuate I park will have a nominal capacity of 54 MWac (megawatts in alternating current) and will occupy an approximate area of 117 hectares.

Around 114 thousand high-efficiency bifacial photovoltaic solar panels will be installed. These panels will be mounted on trackers or single-axis trackers, enabling them to follow the sun's position throughout the day and optimize solar radiation capture for maximizing electricity production.

The electricity generated by the Cañahuate I solar park will primarily be used in Drummond's mining operations.

Cañahuate I solar park is expected to contribute to a reduction in emissions of approximately 87,000 t CO2e (tons of carbon dioxide equivalents) per year by replacing one-third of the gas-generated electricity or grid-supplied energy for mining operations. Drummond is making strides towards achieving a diversified and low-emission electric energy matrix.

“At Drummond, we are committed to being part of a viable and sustainable future in a low-emission world.”