Our commitment to Colombia is firm

Every day on every project at every level of DEI, we consider the impact our actions have on our employees, our communities, and our environment:
  • We strive to improve education, health, and the well-being of our employees and their families.
  • We invest heavily in community initiatives, work closely with local governments, and design and implement programs for the development and benefit of our communities.
  • We continually work to control and mitigate the impacts of hydrocarbons operations, as we develop and apply innovative sustainability techniques.
DEI's contribution to the economic and social development of Colombia and its commitment to the environment goes beyond legal compliance:
  • Our sustainability actions focus on control and mitigation of the impacts of the hydrocarbon operation.
  • We establish working conditions that are safe and efficient, and we also provide our workers and their families with the best living conditions and a basis for personal development.
  • We have the highest standards of excellence, this is demonstrated in all aspects of our business, including the measures taken to protect the environment through the firm adoption of responsible environmental practices.
Drummond designs and executes programs for the development and benefit of the communities in the area of ​​influence of its operations:
  • Striving to create continuous and lasting progress to improve the quality of life for affected communities.
  • Establishing a permanent and proactive dialogue with the authorities so that they participate in the achievement of the priority objectives for each region.
  • Designing and implementing sustained development strategies through operations, in accordance with the evolution of markets and technology.
  • Operating always within the legal framework and adopting the highest industry standards.

Our policies